STAY FROSTY was a school project made for a hypothetical ad campaign promoting Carvel's BOGO Wednesdays. The overall theme and want of the project was to put the viewer into a feel good mood upon hearing both the music and seeing the delicious and cold soft-serve ice-cream being feasted upon by their eyes. It would showcase three classic flavors for variety and to make more flavor-lovers happy, as well as subliminally put into their minds that they can order more ice-cream and not just limit themselves to one scoop. There would be a chocolate bar on the side for the sweet-tooths out there, and a stream of cherry syrup to cover the ice-cream and make your mouth water even more as a waterfall of sprinkles rain down from the sky.

The project was first created in Cinema 4D, where all of the objects in the video were hand-made, textured, colored, and animated. Then, the animation was imported into After Effects where pre-comp was done for the lighting, coloring, timing, text and music inclusion. There was an alternate version for Instagram created to show how it would look on a social media platform, as its necessary for campaigns to have multiple places to live for a maximized audience reach.