NBC Hannibal Title Redesign
Disturbing / Horror / Psychological / Thriller / Cinematic / Dark / Identity / Life vs Death
NBC Hannibal was a show that followed the life of an FBI Agent, Will Graham, who suffers from a high level of empathy. He’s able to recreate crime scenes and step into the minds of serial killers, all of which take a toll on his mental health. His main purpose however was his pursuit to catch the Chesapeake Ripper, an infamous cannibal that would continuously evade the authorities. Throughout this all, Will Graham suffers through an undiagnosed medical condition while under the stress of his job which causes him severe problems down the road. To combat the stress of his job, he’s assigned a psychiatrist to help him compartmentalize and stay sane. However, unbeknownst to him and the rest of the FBI, his psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter was none other than the Chesapeake Ripper himself.

The Concept
Monochrome / 3D / Symbolic / Macabre / Dark / Ambient / Crawling / Creepy
One of the most iconic rooms in NBC Hannibal is Hannibal’s dinner table. Here is where countless characters find themselves treated to extravagant, unique dinners cooked by none other by Hannibal Lecter himself. Unknown to them, the food that they are actually eating is not, in fact, food. In every dinner scene there is a heavy focus on imagery, visual and audial. All of the music, the lighting, and the aesthetic are carefully chosen to create an air of grandiosity for the characters while the audience can only watch in horror at the truth of it all. Because the dining room is so pivotal to each episode, this sequence will focus primarily around the dining room and its extensive, almost overwhelming imagery. To achieve this, it will be rendered in 3D.

The table itself will be adorned with bright, vivid flowers and ornate plates and table settings with skulls interspersed between to serve as a macabre juxtaposition : a play between life and death. The lighting will also contrast the vivid aesthetic of the dinner table, remaining dim and somewhat eerie. The camera will dolly in down the dinner table, from one end to the other, showing the table full of food and cutlery but in odd places and set ups. It is meant to leave the audience feeling uneasy, as though something will happen, and to signify that danger is hiding in plain sight. A place meant to provide comfort and stability (the dinner table) is a farce and not all is what it seems. The sequence will end at the head of the dinner table where Hannibal typically sits, and fade out to the show title.