Mostly recently in July 2023, I worked on animating HTML5 banners for a monster mortgage campaign. I separated each letter and saved them as their separate png files to maintain quality, making sure that the dimensions of the letters were right for each banner size (so as to reduce file size), and saved the text as SVG files. These banners were created in Google Web Designer due to its web friendly nature when it comes to file sizes, which is where the SVG files came in handy as Web Designer only allows for a few native fonts, and exporting the type as png would cause them to become blurry. They were then finalized and ready for trafficking.

In the summer of 2022, I worked on three "Portraits of Kindness" videos for Grow Financial that my former company was asked to make, where I animated portraits of the main subject of the video using kinetic typography, and interspersing it between clips of the person being interviewed. I also color corrected, edited the audio, picked the music, and made judgement calls on which parts of the interview to use.