The ask given to me was to create a graphic animation for Instagram to support the Massachussetts State Lottery's Halloween instant ticket launch -- Universal Monsters. They wanted to bring the tickets to life with eye-catching design and motion while also getting some key pieces of information across about their product.
I approached this by first thinking about how to format the tickets in a 1080x1080 form, allowing for an easy to read design while also being visually captivating and interesting. Once I had my idea in mind, I went about separating and exporting all of the assets out of Illustrator and Photoshop into vector format so that when scaled up there would be no loss of quality. I then imported all of the assets into After Effects.
To me, always having some sense of motion is crucial when it comes to keeping people's attention. Lingering too long on anything static kills an animation and people's interest, so I made sure to always have the top information portion with the prize money number and the amount of possible wins animated to draw the eyes back to it. I put it at the top of the hierarchy for extra visibility. 
The instructions are put near the bottom but also animated in a way so that the viewer will be able to read it in a way that doesn't feel like a block of solid text to get through all at once, and as the lines come in they'll be more inclined to keep watching to finish reading it. Finally, I wanted to add some life to the monster tickets as having only the text animated but the ticket static would have been boring to look at and so I puppet-ed the characters in a way where it would be obvious they're moving, but not so distracting that it would overwhelm the rest of the composition. I did not include the line "featuring 6 scenes!" as the animation carousels through all six scenes and lets people know and see all of them.