household goods / quality / minimalist / simplistic / universality / low-cost / satisfaction

Muji is a very popular brand originating from Japan, focusing on various household goods such as health and beauty, snacks, apparal and others, but mainly being known for its stationary items such as pens, pencils, notebooks, folders and more. Their design philosophy is centered around the idea of minimalism and universality, from their packaging to their products. They believe that Muji should be a brand that speaks to all people and allows them to feel satisfaction with their decision to purchase Muji. With that in mind, the concept behind this project was centered around --

sophisticated / simplistic / understated / beautiful / every day / trusted / dependable
This project aimed to embrace Muji’s core, fundamental value of marrying together both simplicity and sophistication. Muji sells their products at a low, affordable price while still creating something of quality and dependability. Muji is a trusted brand, one used in every day life, and so this advertisement hopes to similarly reflect that.

The focus will be on the main stationary products that they sell - such as their line of pens, pencils, notebooks and pads. It will all be laid out, plain for the viewer to see, with slow camera pans over them at close angles to really show off their simple but beautiful design. This is to show off the sophistication of the products, relying only on what they are and not what they aim to be or any unnecessary effects or stories. The only story is that Muji is quality, it is trusted, and it can be a part of anyone’s day to day life.